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QHHT- Part 1 - Higher Dimensional Self - Kate. July 2023.

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

QHHT- Part 1 - Higher Dimensional Self - Kate. July 2023.

This is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique QHHT session by Peter Rule with a client we shall call Kate. She connects with her higher dimensional self which reveals a broader perspective explanation of what is occurring on Earth at present: This is one of several session excerpts that took place recently on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Transcript: I take Kate through a QHHT hypnosis induction deeply relaxing her and transcending her current physical reality.


P sd: “Look at the most appropriate time and place for you to examine. What is the very first thing that you are first seeing as you step off the cloud.”

K sd: “I’m standing behind a large pane of glass which is like a wall, but it’s a glass window, I’m looking out from this much like an observation window, but its just a very large window, I’m looking out into the expansiveness.”

P sd: “And what do you see looking into that expansiveness.”

K sd: “I’m seeing a large community structure. There are many towering dwellings almost suspended.”

P sd: “Tell me more about what you are seeing here in this community, how are the dwellings suspended.”

K sd: “They are just there, it seems technologically advanced, futuristic in appearance, I’m standing at the large window looking out.”

P sd: “Is this how you spend your time, looking out.”

K sd: “I’m in contemplation, there is a sense of pride, of contentment, would be the right word, at what we have all accomplished and achieved.”

P sd: “And is this place you see suspended in space your home.”

K sd: “Yes.”

P sd: “And can you see your feet, do you have a body. Can you describe your body to me”

K sd: “Yes, my feet are white, a skin like material covering is on my feet.”

P sd: “Is it skin.”

K sd: “No, the material is similar to skin, it enfolds the skin, P sd: “so it’s part of the skin.” K sd: “No, it surrounds the skin, I’m wearing a very long white tunic, I’m very long in stature, I’m blue.” (She sounds surprised).

P sd: “Would you describe yourself as male or female.”

K sd: “I would say neither, androgynous, I have maturity, am healthy.”

P sd: “And what is your role here in this community.”

K sd: “I am apart of a collective that contributes to the effective runnings, it is a planetary organisation/body, I am but one member.”

P sd: “And do you contribute running this body, how many others are there.”

K sd: “There are 9 in total.”

P sd: “And is this community you are linked to, apart of the planet you are on.”

K sd: “This was created, it is not a planet, it would appear as a planet, but it is a moveable planet, is the best way to describe this. (There were difficulties in this being finding the appropriate words to describe the surroundings, at times Kate was clearing her throat and coughing regularly when this being was speaking which was not present within her prior to the session)

K continued “All whom are upon this planet, lets say community, live their lives in the highest authenticity, efficacy, morality, working toward the greatest intended result for all, for we all honour each other and our neighbours.”

P sd: “And all the others that live there are they all from the same or similar place or from different places that live on this moveable planet.”

K sd: “They are of this community, there are other species/races that contribute, come and go, they are aligned with this community, this civilisation.”

P sd; “Do all contribute to the running of the planetary organisation, which you are observing from your observation window”

K sd: “I’m not observing from a distance, I am a part of this community, I am in my down time observing the goings on within this vast community.”

P sd: “And what do you all do within this community.”

K sd: “There is much to do on this planet, each and every one has a purpose, has a role.”

P sd: “And what is your particular role, your contribution to this community, you said you are within a body or organisation of 9, what do you do within that”

K sd: “We oversee the planetary system we are within, we ensure the highest principles are administered, we collaborate with other species, races, we ensure goodwill is the highest priority, we understand that not all are conducting their lives with a high model of intent.”

P sd: “And what do you do with those that do not live their lives with a high intent, do you deal with them.”

K sd: “We do not but we contribute recommendations, to affiliated alliances/bodies that have the authority to enforce a high standard.”

P sd: “And when you say enforce what do you mean by that.”

K sd: “Those that have the capability to ensure these races, civilisations do not inflict ill on those living their life.”

P sd: “So is there beings living life with ill intent where you are living.”

K sd: “No, outside the perimeters of this planetary structure, we ensure by and large our community is collaborating harmoniously together, that is of paramount importance.

P sd: “And this community that you’re in, does it have a particular dimensional quality that we would know of, what dimension would this be.”

K sd: “It is what you would refer to as the 9th dimension.”

P sd: “And from this 9th dimension you can have an affect on the lower dimensions.”

K sd: “Yes there are many sub sets, races, species that confer with us, we are like a sub group, a council body if you will.”

P sd: “We would like to leave this scene now and move forward to an important day. An important event where something substantial is happening, can you observe this. We have now moved forward to an important day, can you tell me what is happening.”

K sd: “There are many representatives from many different sub sets, societies, planetary systems all gathered within the large chambers, we are all positioned around a large round table, we are all discussing the imperative nature of another planet.”

P sd: “And what is the imperative nature of this planet. What is this planet you refer to.”

K sd: “This planet is Earth.”

P sd: “Why have all these representatives come together to discuss this planet.”

K sd: “This is a very crucial moment in this planets history and time line, for there could be one of three outcomes for it. We are discussing the best possible potentiality for there is much at risk, much at stake.”

To be continued.

Peter Rule is an experienced Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner (Dolores Cannon method) and can be reached:

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