• Peter Rule

“ An Amazing Transformative Tool”

“Our current life is often affected and shaped

by our previous life experiences which are

embedded within our consciousness”

Have you ever allowed your thoughts to meander into the deeper recesses of yourself, perhaps assessing or acknowledging behaviours, beliefs and patterns that present within your daily reality repetitiously,but not quite having the impartial objective of self reflection. Maybe you know some of the underlying concerns but don’t quite have the appropriate antidote to self address or resolve such discoveries.  IF youare really ready to identify and understand why you may hold unfounded fears, lack lustre of life, experience difficulty in relationships,harbour control that dominates and prevents you from experiencing certain activities, participation and adventure of life, wish to understand relationship dynamics with particular people or why bodily aches and conditions continue to linger after seeking treatment to remedy them, then I’d like you to consider Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.  A deeply dynamic Regression Therapy with a difference.

This is undoubtedly quite unique in its application from other regression techniques.  Founded by Dolores Cannon from the United States in the early 70’s, it gently navigates clients into a somnambulistic state or deeply relaxed theta state, allowing revision of past lives which may be affecting your current life, requesting healing from the higher self to be administered to greatly minimise or remove the origin of impact from past life or current life trauma. The client may also prepare and present personal or universal questions via the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Facilitator, directed to their own higher self which may assist to bring healing, clarity, understanding or direction for the individual.  A truly self empowered avenue to bridge your all knowing divine higher wisdom bringing answers down into your conscious reasoning mind to be reviewed at a later time from your recording, which allows for further integration and  appreciation of your awe inspiring self.  

We are in our entirety the composition of light particles and consciousness that is slowed down sufficiently to conjure these physical bodies we all are interacting with daily.  Some have an awareness of this, some may not.  Within the consciousness we all hold extensive memory of lives we have lived previously, our magnificent manifestation capabilities and harbour the adamantine particles within our very essence and DNA which are our direct lineage to source, which is the composition of love.  We are truly glorious, we hold within our consciousness all wisdom, all answers and foresight to past, present and future existence, each and every one of us has this capability.  However, when our soul (consciousness) unites with the physical body at birth, miraculously much of this is forgotten.  We are then influenced, shaped and moulded by our demographic locality, family design, societal, governmental and cultural impressioning and not forgetting our own mind generated perceptions of self.  

I whole heartedly have witnessed tremendous shifts in clients who have presented to me as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner and invite your inquiries if this is capturing your attention.  Kind regards Peter Rule: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, Life Path Astrology Practitioner, Naturopath, Crystal Light Facilitator, Wellness Lecturer/Presenter, Buderim and Noosa, Sunshine Coast QLD

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