"Access Consciousness Bars in a nutshell" by Tania Rule

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

What is it:  Access consciousness bars is running and activating 32 points around the cranium which relate to every aspect of our life experience. We entertain 60 – 80 thousand thoughts a day.  From those thoughts - opinions, beliefs, attitudes, views, and decisions are generated.  We then create constructive or destructive imagery about ourselves, circumstances, those we interact and relate with and our global community.  From that, electromagnetic grids and charge within the neural pathways are created which can oppose or compliment a desired outcome you wish to experience or obtain, be it health, wellness, compatible relationships or material matter.

When energy is run through the bars, barriers dissipate and the electromagnetic charge is released, effectively resetting the electrical imprinting that no longer serves and produces productive results for you.  You could say its like hitting the delete button in your computers document setting, removing an outdated file and creating more space for something more relevant and current to fill that opening.  When that occurs health may improve, you may feel a greater sense of peace and wellbeing, you may notice differences in the way you relate and function within your personal, social and work environment, relationships may improve, creativity may flow, monetary resources may increase, opportunities may present, life improves in unimaginable ways, because you’re no longer functioning from a space of opposition but unimpeded flow.  You have a neutral platform to flourish, create and generate whatever you wish with more awareness.  Because we as human beings start building a repertoire of thought processes from conception and even prior existences that are stored within our consciousness, this can all impact upon us today. Where energy flows, matter goes.

Most people don’t realise that every judgement, opinion, view, attitude or belief creates electromagnetic grids and barriers in the neural pathways preventing them from receiving what they would like to manifest most. If you were to think or say “I don’t want to do that or have that, or I don't like that, you have quite unconsciously established and anchored an electromagnetic obstacle into your reality which will prevent anything similar from coming to you. This is where the Access Bars can dissipate many barriers generated from our thoughts, observations, opinions, attitudes and beliefs that are counter productive.

Whilst comfortably lying down a practitioner performs what may seem much like a gentle head massage but with profound benefits!  You are safely enveloped into a deep receptive space of receiving whilst releasing, allowing the re-orientation to naturally unfold.  There is no need for talking just safe receiving and the degree to which you benefit is a reflection of your receptivity and willingness to support change in your life.

Adult Sessions:

1 hour Access Consciousness Bars Session @ $110.00

Book and pay for 3x 1 hour sessions at a discounted price of $295.00

Children’s Sessions:

1x ½ hour Access Consciousness Bars Session @ $60.00

Book and pay for 3x ½ hour sessions for a discounted price of $160.00

To book your Access Consciousness Bars Session please contact Tania Rule on

0429 343 658 or in this website link booking page www.peterrule.com.au

For further information www.AcessConsciousness.com

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