A Time of Change

2020 will be known as a significant time of collective change for humanity and for the planet. For there is a planetary shift occurring not only physically but vibrationally. It affects each and every one of us in a myriad of ways physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As a result of this trans-formative time which is upon us, we are encouraged through uncomfortable sensations within our feeling nature and bodies to make evaluations and adjustments within our lives. This is directed via outer conditions that are distributing heightened frequencies of gamma light upon the planet.

The Schumann Resonance, a frequency marker which measures the Earths atmosphere oscillates between 7 - 7.83 hz generally, however from the later part of 2019 and throughout 2020 this marker has registered a staggering 158 hz, a reading which is unprecedented in Earths history, revealing change is upon us.

Humanity is undergoing immense transformations from a carbon based body to a crystalline body through the process of cleansing and purifying the cells within. This is in perfect synchronicity and alignment with the current Earth conversion that is occurring at this time. The Earth is ascending vibrationally and changing physically. What does that mean for each of us. As we are a microcosm within this macrocosm, the universe and Earth, we too are being upgraded in frequency and are required to make evolutionary shifts within ourselves. Perhaps you haven’t noticed, perhaps you just feel the intensity of a force beyond the comprehension of the linear mind that has affected your mood, stirred old memories or presented uncomfortable feelings and bodily discomforts. Perhaps you have an understanding and awareness as to exactly what is occurring upon the planet at this pivotal time.

However you choose to orientate your mind to allow more lightness, ease and flow into your life, contributes greatly to the informational shift from fear, rigidity and control witnessed and felt upon the planet to unity consciousness, self empowerment and collective contribution. There is now more support and incentive than any other time within Earths history to embrace change within ourselves, to access our broader consciousness and divinity and create unity realization within collective humanity. We are seeing this evidenced amongst us when natural and man made adversity’s affect us, when friends, neighbors and communities unify, offer support and resources in collective contribution. As we assist others we naturally expand within ourselves, uncovering aspects that wasn’t within our field of awareness before.

In everyday terms when we exercise choices that support our evolution positively it strengthens our immune system, mental health and manifestation muscle. All conducive reasons to strive to disregard fear and submission from the collective status quo, reinforcing belief in our inherent capabilities individually and collectively to live life in wellness. Health is indeed the new wealth.

Tania Rule © September 2020

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