Naturopathy Consultations focus on the assessment of:

  • Organs, glands and internal systems
  • Hormonal System imbalances
  • Vitality levels
  • Women’s Menstrual Cycle and Peri/Menopause
  • Reproductive health
  • Men’s Health and Andropause
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Nervous system; i.e. Sleep & Mental Health.
  • Skeletal distress
  • Relaxation Management; stress
  • Parasite and fungal activity
  • Digestive disorders and Detoxification
  • Mineral and vitamin deficiencies
  • Skin Conditions
  • Energy; Metabolism, Adrenal and Thyroid Health.
  • Metabolism and weight concerns

zyto-natural-peter-rulePeter specializes in a unique way of assessing the human body with technology established from vibrational medicine methods, developed in the Unites States. This Technology is called Zyto Elite ( and with this system he is able to assess the body’s bio-marker s with galvanic skin response which is also used in ECG equipment (electro cardiograms) and polygraphs used in lie detector tests. He can assess your hormones, organs, internal systems and most types of conditions prevalent to the human body, ascertaining and identifying your health and vitality status.

There are many symptoms, irregularities and conditions which may originate within the body as a result of an imbalanced system which may be generated from stress, worry, genetic influences, poor life style choices and negative thinking patterns which can all contribute to hormonal, digestive, cardiovascular, reproductive, skin, lung and mental or emotional disorders.

Bio-communication technology uses a method of communicating between your body’s cellular intelligence and the specifically designed computer hand cradle. The computer sends your body questions called digital stressors which monitor your body’s reaction by tracking changes through your galvanic skin response. Vital information about your body’s internal system is then relayed and translated by this technology, allowing Peter to apply his Naturopathy skills of over 20 years to devise a health and wellness program that is individual to your health requirements. The use of dietary advice, nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, counseling and even energetic healing may be recommended to assist the body to restore equilibrium.

Peter has been specializing in Natural Health for 20 years in private practice and Health Retreats and has presented seminars and workshops on Men’s and Women’s Health with emphasis on Hormonal Health. Having had his own personal experiences in regard to adrenal, thyroid and reproductive health using bio-identical hormones, he can speak with authority, and from experience ,on the benefits that can be derived from implementing Natural Therapies to treat such conditions.