Casa de Dom Inacio Spiritual Hospital

Abadiania, Brazil with Peter Rule

Tour Description and Details

Healing Tour – To John of God.

Casa de Dom Inacio, Abadiania, Brazil.

Certified Casa Group Leader: Peter Rule

1ST JUNE – 13TH JUNE 2015.


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This tour is offered as a way to assist and support you in maximising your experience at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil. In exchange for the tour fee which includes trip planning, accommodation (with your own room and bathroom), plus three meals per day, airport transfers, information, Brasilia tour on arrival, waterfall visit and soup kitchen and my support at the Casa. The tour begins from Brasilia airport on Monday June 1st and completes on Saturday June 13th at Brasilia Airport. You have to organise your own flights to Brasilia, visa’s and insurance. Please note this is not included in tour fee.

The Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil I consider to be a sacred place where spiritual healing and great experiences occur. Please view your journey to Abadiania as an intimate time of healing for yourself and if you would like to sightsee around Brazil or South America I would recommend doing this before the healing tour.

The casa is a spiritual hospital and you may receive spiritual healing which means rest and recuperation in your pousada (Hotel) and at the Casa. When I first went to the Casa with my wife in 2009 it was the most amazing and life changing experiences of our lives. I would love to share and support this place with you if you feel drawn to this tour.

If you would like more information or to join Peter’s group to Brazil, please contact Peter




Obviously you have heard about John of God or the profound work conducted at the Spiritual Hospital known as Casa de Dom Inacio, in central Brazil, through either someone, or some form of Media outlet which has attracted your attention. You may feel an inclination to journey to this special place and receive assistance for your own condition or afflication, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature. Seemingly miraculous work occurs within Casa de Dom Inacio from the assistance given by Benevolent Light Beings who work through the facility and the physical body of Medium Joao Teixeira de Faria, lovingly known by westerners as “John of God”. A name provided to him from the many millions of people who have utilized the services of the Spiritual Hospital from around the globe. Such individuals have sought assistance for deeper, more penetrating levels of healing and transformations of illness, disorders and the myriad of limitations we, as human beings, place upon ourselves that hinder our forward progress and growth.

Medium Joao’s mission is evident, contributing to the healing of over 8 million people since 1958. His physical body is used as a vessel of service to assist humanity in its healing crises by evolved Benevolent Beings of Light who have the capacity to view all origins of illness and disorders within the blueprint of the soul, and administer the most appropriate protocol of healing which may consist of a non physical operation known as a spiritual operation, a physical operation, sitting in meditation and prayer within a high vibrational current, prescribed passiflora herbs, crystal light bed treatments, sacred waterfall visitations and blessed water. Each person who chooses to utilize the Spiritual Hospital passes before Medium Joao and the Benevolent Beings who inhabit his physical body for a chosen duration. Each individual is scanned as a holographic being, thus enabling the origin of illness, disorder and disease to be identified.

It is said that our manifested diseases, conditions or afflictions are a result of not only genetic predispositions, but also the choices we have made, lifestyles we indulge in, poor thinking practices, or simply ignorance. We are first and foremost souls inhabiting a physical body for the purpose of expression and evolvement, which consists of consciousness and light particles, unseen to the human sensory faculties. We each have a life design which we unconsciously follow, and an exit strategy to return to our origin of spirit at the completion of our earth life. However, sometimes due to poor choices made throughout our life, our mortality can be compromised prematurely or the discomfort we feel within our body, mind and emotions is so great that an additional alternative to the conventional medical format may be required to facilitate deeper transformations of the originating cause. It needs to be said that the Spiritual Hospital custodians advocate an aligned relationship with western medical practices such as maintaining prescribed medications and continued care from professional medical practitioners.

Much more than this, when you decide to travel to Casa de Dom Inacio for assistance you are effectively saying “I am ready to heal my Soul”. The Spiritual Hospital is not only orientated to assisting the obviously afflicted, it also accommodates those individuals who wish to evolve and progress spiritually, alleviating limitations carried forth from past incarnations, or the burdens of impaired influences that we accept from parental, societal and environmental conditions which may have obscured perceptions of ourselves, and the world we live in. Needless to say the work carried out at the Spiritual Hospital is deeply penetrating and profoundly effective on so many levels other than just the physical. It is an entirely unique experience to each person who presents for healing and assistance at Casa de Dom Inacio. This facility is run with precision and governed by specific protocols which not only provides a safe environment for all, but ensures that the many thousands of people who frequent this sacred space, are attended to with great care and consideration.

Finally the Casa de Dom Inacio Spiritual Hospital is regarded as a sacred place where the essence of God touches Earth, however there is no religious orientation governing the work conducted within the Spiritual Hospital, only a respectful reverence and appreciation to God the Creator, and the many Benevolent Beings of Light who collectively orientate themselves to the greater good of all. For some, this may sound implausible, however it can said that when one is within the vortex of this heightened energy centre, you will feel something much greater at work. Be it through your own experience, observations, feelings or noticeable changes within yourself. Faith and hope is often a by-product that is restored and renewed from one’s visit to Casa de Dom Inacio Spiritual Hospital.