The Crystal light bed session is an opportunity to take time out, relax, rejuvenate, re-align, rebalance and re-energize. The purpose of the crystal bed is to bring wellbeing into the body and mind. It is a tool for restoring the energy centres (chakras).

A client simply lies down under the coloured lights of the crystal bed apparatus with eyes closed and covered for 20-40 minutes (depending on the health status of the client). The facilitator of the Crystal Light bed who is normally a medium and has been given permission to operate the crystal light bed from the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil will sit in prayer and meditation during the session. This helps to create a healing vibration helpful for the client receiving a crystal bed session. The crystal lights, combined with the music from the Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola, Brazil makes it easy to relax into the experience and open to receive. The experience can be different for everyone who experiences a crystal bed session. Some people feel very relaxed, receive visions and guidance, and feel more connected to a greater power. It is helpful to wear white clothing while on the crystal light bed and also to drink water after the session.


The purpose of the crystal light treatment is to bring wellbeing into the body and the mind. It is to reduce anxiety and disturbances to the flow of energies. It is a tool for restoring the energy centres. The energy centres allow the incoming flow to circulate, hence repair and restore. It is to allow a greater flow of energy, opening the body to healing.

The Crystal Light Bed is an effective piece of apparatus which contains 7 specific Vogel cut 12 sided crystals which is combined with Chromo Therapy (Colour Therapy) which pulses and radiates colour, light and energy through the crystalline structures that are positioned in alignment and suspended above the energy centres (commonly known as Chakras) whilst you lie on a comfortable bed. Through this combined action, your physical body and subtle bodies (mental, emotional and spiritual aspects) are cleansed, balanced and re-aligned. Energy stagnation which impedes the vital life force flow from circulating uninhibited throughout the body is dispersed and negative energy which we accumulate, create or attract from daily exchanges in all manner of environments is dissipated. The benefits gained from exposure to the Crystal Light Bed vary for each individual. You may feel uplifted, lightness within the density of your body, energized, or deeply rested. You may feel movement around your body whilst having the treatment or you may feel the dissipation of symptoms previously felt. As you comprise of 70-90% water the resonant interaction from the 7 crystals assist in restructuring the water consistency within the cells of your body.

This apparatus originated from an interior township in Brasil known as Abadiania which is synonymous with John of God as we westerners refer to him, but more commonly known by the locals as Medium Joao Teixeira de Faria. Medium Joao and the collective group of benevolent, skilled and dedicated entities who utilize his body administer miraculous healings on people from around the globe on all manner of diseases, conditions and human frailties. (For more information go to: