peter-rule-webPeter is a holistic health practitioner and has been in practice since 1991. He has studied, practiced and taught many modalities of natural healing, body work, energy healing in health retreats and wellness centres in Australia.

Peter loves education and enjoys inspiring others to make healthy postitive changes to their lives. Via the avenue of naturopathy, holistic wellbeing consultations, teaching, seminars, energy healing and leading groups he aspires to assist his clients not only through the avenue of tried and tested science strategies, but also complimentary and integrative medicine avenues of healing to achieve ultimate health on a deeper level for the body, mind and spirit.Through Peter’s business, Good Health Rules, he aspires to be a versatile holistic educator in the field of natural health and wellness on all levels, not just representing the physical body, but all facets of ones being.

His vast experience and knowledge also includes international study in Europe, India, Nepal and Brazil into traditional healing modalities and has spoken at international conferences and facilitated wellness classes in healing centres in Europe.

He has published health and wellbeing articles in health magazines, newspapers throughout Australia. Peter has practiced and educated thousands of people throughout his residency at Australia’s leading health retreats such as Camp Eden, The Golden Door and Cabarita Ocean Health Retreat.

Peter shares a healthy lifestyle in Northern New South Wales with his beautiful wife and darling daugther.